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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Veronica's stocking is finally done!!! I finished the cross-stitch on Saturday, and I got the stocking made on Monday, along with the apron for my sister. Then, Tuesday, I got a TON of housework done that I'd been putting off in favor of working on Christmas presents. I am feeling so proud of myself that I could burst! *does a little happy dance* Woo hoo!

Anyway, I lined the stocking with plain white flannel and backed it with a pretty blue plaid flannel, that complements the blues in the snow. I was so glad to get it finished...after working so hard for so long on the cross stitch, I was terrified that I would do something to screw it up when I was sewing it together. It isn't perfect, and I've learned a thing or two that I can apply the next time I try my hand at making a stocking, but I think it looks great all the same. I can't wait to show it to my family! My sister is so gonna flip. ^_^

Also, as a side note, I got this potted orchid as a house warming gift from our land-lady a little over a year ago. It had very nearly died over the summer, but while we were visiting Florida and our land-lady and her granddaughter were taking care of Han, they also took care of my plants and managed to revive the orchid. Since then, I've been keeping up with watering it and it has come back and then some. Brandon counted 13 blooms on it the other day, and since then a few new buds have blossomed as well. It's crazy! Both of the old stalks had died, so I cut them out...this one is completely new. I've been watching it grow from a tiny little stem into what it is now.
Of course, as soon as I put the plant on the floor, Han had to inspect it...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What I've been doing instead of blogging:

This is the throw blanket that I've been working on for approximately the past million years. Or, that's the way it feels at the moment. It's really coming along nicely, though. I used blue variegated Lion Suede yarn (moonshadow, I think) for the whole thing. It's gorgeous, and it feels wonderful but man-oh-man is it ever a pain to crochet!! I don't believe I'll be taking on anymore large project with it. Anyway, I could have finished it last night, but I decided to do one more round of the pattern before I end it. So I only have 8 more rows and the same number of tassels and it will be DONE! I'm super excited, and might I say, rather pleased with myself. ^_^

And, of course, we have the never-ending cross-stitch for my niece. I still have some more bunnies to do at the toe of the stocking (to the left of the basket) but I am so close to being done, it's almost enough to make me giddy. I've gotten a lot done, even compared to the last time I posted a pic. Really, it's encouraging to see how far it's come. Then again, it's taken me more than a month to do it. I guess that so long as I get it done (and the stocking made) by the time I fly home just after Christmas, it's aaalllllll gooooood.

There's also all the other *stuff* that I don't have photos for...like, the mountain of presents that I've wrapped or the stack of Christmas cards I've written. I've been working on the nursery too, but I won;t be posting any photos of that until it starts looking decent. Right now, it's just a crib full of random baby stuff and a bunch of boxes on the floor. But at least you know you have something to look forward to, right? Anyway, all of this is my excuse for not blogging...and since I still have about a million things to do (finishing the above projects are just the beginning) I don't foresee a great deal of blogging in my future either. maybe as I finish things....