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Friday, July 10, 2009


I've finally discovered actions for PSE. I downloaded several from this site, and I'm loving them. This one's called Attic Vintage (I didn't use a texture, haven't figured that part out yet):

And, this one is Lomo:

There are a bunch more, and I'm still learning how to really use some of them. If anyone knows of any other cool action sites, please pass them on to me!

Friday, July 3, 2009

This Week

I brought some new jewelry into the shop. This isn't everything that I've made recently, just what I brought in yesterday. First, modeled by the lovely Hannah, is the Currant Cordial necklace:

Green Apple Swirl modeled by Jennifer:

Sweet Potato Pie modeled by Corinnea:

and Marble Cake, also on Corinnea:

In case you're wondering why they all have food names, I think maybe I've come up with a new name for my endeavor : Delicious by Adie. Or, Delicious Accessories. (I can't decide which.) And then, I can give all my items food related names (since I'm setting up an Etsy shop), and my slogan can be, "Be Delicious". What do you guys think? Too corny? Too gimmicky? I still haven't made up my mind, and I would love feed back. Also, if anyone has any name suggestions for any of the above items, please toss them out for me. Thanks! Once I get the rest of my stuff photographed, I'll get it posted as well. :)