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Sunday, September 11, 2011

T-shirt Re-Do

 So many things to blog!!  I'll try to break it up, but I'll be posting a lot over the next few days.

I've been wanting to try sewing on knit for a long time, but I've been too chicken to do it.  I finally decided to cut my teeth on something that wouldn't matter if I fouled it up.  I found a pain green t-shirt at the Salvation Army (Tuesday is military discount day at the lone up the street, how cool is that?) for 50 cents, and snatched it up without even trying it on.  When I got it home, I decided to play with it.  I also had a shirt of Brandon's that he was going to throw away, because it had been ripped when a dog jumped up on him.

It sucks about Brandon's shirt, because it was one of his favorites, but I'm salvaging what I can from it.  Anyway, the green shirt was a little tight and I can't stand to have anything tight around my neck, so I started by cutting the bottom hem off of the grey shirt, and the neck out of the green shirt.  Then I stitched the already-hemmed-strip around the new, still-raw neckline. 

It turned out alright, and was definitely much better, but it was still tight around the arms so I played some more.  I cut one of the sleeves off, then folded the shirt in half and used the first side as a guide to cut the second.  I cut another strip from around the bottom of the grey shirt, and found that it was long enough to do both arm holes.  I folded it in half long-ways, and stitched it on the same way that I did the neck line.

It's so much more comfortable now, and is kind of cute too!  It doesn't quite lay right, either because the green shirt was stretched out to begin with, or because I goofed something when I was adding the grey trim.  I don't care.  I plan only to wear it to bed, or around the house with the girls, and it gave me the opportunity to get a feel for working with knits.  I'm calling it a successful endeavor.  :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rug Making

Back when I was pregnant with Elora, I learned about rug hooking and decided to make a rug to go on the floor in the nursery.  I ordered an entire roll of rug warp ( I just know Corinnea was thinking I was crazy for that one), cut a bunch of fabric into strips, and got busy making a 45"x54" rug.  I spent only a few days on the project before I got bored with it and moved on to something else.  It then sat untouched for almost three years, until I pulled it back out a few days ago.   I put several hours' more work into it, and started another, much smaller rug to put in my kitchen.  Or maybe by the back door. 

I have this much done so far, and would like to continue working on it, but Elora has misplaced my locker hook.  In an attempt to find it, I straightened the living room and the den, moved and cleaned under all the couches and checked all the cushions, to no avail.

This is what my living room looked like an hour after straightening it.  It looks like this pretty much all the time.  Unless it's worse.  Actually, it's usually worse. Anyway, I'll need to check in all her toy boxes next, to try to find that hook.  I'm sure I'll find it as soon as I put the rest of the stuff away and move on to another craft.

Kaylie started rolling over about a month or so ago, but I just got around to trying to get it on camera today.  I got some good pictures of her, though none of them are of her rolling.  I did get some video; if I can figure out how to get it on the computer, I'll share it with you.

August 26:  I found my locker hook this morning, when I was cleaning in the girls' room.  Elora had dropped it in her catch-all basket.  I've already gotten another dozen rows done.  :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I've Been Busy

Who knew that running a small Etsy shop would be so time consuming??  I've been putting all my spare time into mine.  I've been ordering supplies, making jewelry, listing new items, itemizing materials, and...shipping orders!  That's right, I finally made my first Etsy sale.  It took a while, but then I made 2 sales in one weekend.  Hooray! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Second and Third Entries

I made time today to put together 2 more entries for the MADE blog header contest.  Kelly was adventurous with her designs, and started from scratch.  I chose to use photos from the Made blog, and I did my best to make headers that would blend with the overall style and feel of the blog for which they're intended..  

The third one, in particular, is quite a departure from my normal style.  I would love for her to select one of my designs (the photography book she's giving away is particularly appealing to me) but entered more for the fun and experience of designing for someone else.  I think it was good for me to work outside my comfortable little box.  :) 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MADE Blog Header Contest and New Pretties

 I'm entering the Made blog header contest!  Here's my first entry:

Each person can enter up to 3, and I plan to enter 2 more, but first I have to find an opportunity to design them.  Thanks Kelly, for the heads up on this!

A recent special order had me going through my beading supplies to take stock of what I have, and what I needed to order.  Seeing all of my beads left me with ideas rolling around in my head, so I just had to set aside the sewing machine for a bit and make some jewelry.  I'm pretty sure that this is the first time I've made any jewelry since we moved here, which is crazy!  My fingers remembered what to do, but I've lost my callouses.  Oh well.  Anyway, look for these pretties in my shop.  :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Learning to Knit

My first "real" attempt; I'm not counting my  initial learning bits.
 Rebekah and I took a Beginning Knitting class this past month, and along with the other two ladies in that class, we've decided to take a knit-a-cowl class in August.  Knitting is one of the few skills my grandmother couldn't teach me as a child, so I'm kind of excited to be learning it now.  Even more exciting is that Brandon is staying home with the girls during these classes, so I'm getting the opportunity to get out of the house and spend some time with other adults.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy First Birthday, Cecelia!

I made another cute little smocked dress for my "niece" Cecelia, this time in yellow gingham. Now that she has it, I can post it!!

She's promised me pictures of her wearing the dress, I'll try to post them when I get them.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pillow Re-Do

 I didn't particularly care for the pillows that came with our couch set, especially since they matched nothing in my house.  I've been wanting to re-do them for as long as we've had them. I've been going through my crafts stores recently, and found the perfect  thing among the fabrics that Mommom gave me while we were in Alabama last year.  The only problem was that it was a sheer netted fabric, and I needed something to go with it.  I went with Rebekah and the girls to JoAnn's the other day, and scored some brown/beige lining fabric exactly the color of my couches on clearance for just $2 a yard.  Happy dance!  

The original pillows were only wonky on the front; they were backed with the same material as the couch, so all I had to do was to take the old ones apart, set aside the front piece, use the back piece as a pattern to cut out the new fabric, and sew it all back together.

Awesome, right?  I now have two professional-looking pillows which exactly match our couch set AND the other decor in the room.  Thank you, thank you Mommom, for the fabric!!

In my sewing frenzy, I've started on curtains for our back door, but the fabric is such a nightmare that I can only stand to work on them a little at a time.  I've now been ignoring them completely for 2 days.  Instead, I pulled out that big blue "mermaid" purse I made last spring and tweaked it.  I'd decided that I didn't like the zipper I put on it because it made the top awkwardly stiff, and I'd made the shoulder strap without any interfacing and it was entirely too floppy.

So I got rid of the zipper and replaced it with just a loop-and-button closure, and remade the shoulder strap with interfacing.  Then I made a matching pouch to go with it.

Now they will live in the spare room closet until Christmas time. 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Super Easy Pleated Pouch

I've had this tutorial linked in the side of my blog forever, but I just haven't gotten around to doing it, until now.  And now, I'm kicking myself in the bum for not trying it before!  It's an excellent tutorial, the pouch is fun and easy to make, and the results are adorable.  I made this one last night, for myself.


Then, this morning, I was telling my sweet mother in law about it, and how I wanted to make more, and she volunteered as a recipient.  I said Yay! and proceeded to make another one.

Then I had to put my sewing machine away, because I have a ton of things I need to do to get ready for our trip.  (Did you notice that I am now posting to my blog, rather than working on that "ton of things"?  Maybe I should get on that.)  I want to go on the trip, but I did not want to stop sewing.  I'll be posting more of my recent labors soon.  

In the mean time, have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July weekend everyone!  Happy Independence Day!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another Dress, and the Christmas 2010 Series

I made another little dress for Elora!  This one came out a lot better than the other one, because I learned from the mistakes I made on it.  Overall, it's the same design.  This time, though, I included the belt in the construction of the dress instead of just tying it on her afterward, and I was a lot more careful about my hems.  (It's amazing the difference that ironing makes, and I knew that!  I have no excuse for not doing more ironing on the first one.)  I did mix up the measurements, so it's longer than I'd intended it to be, but that's no big deal.  All in all, I am thoroughly pleased with my results.

 Anyway, I also got straps put on the green dress that I made last summer. Elora didn't exactly cooperate with me when I was trying to get pictures, but Kaylie did!


Both girls got to wear their new dresses yesterday, as we went to another cookout hosted by one of Brandon's friends.  Sadly, I have no pictures from this event. There were a bazillion great photo opportunities, but my battery died as soon as we got there and I didn't have the charger with me.  I didn't get to take even a single picture.  I must be obsessed with taking pictures; I felt naked and incomplete without a functioning camera.

This morning, I finally got the last of my Christmas 2010 scrapbook pages done.  I got the Santa page done 3 or 4 weeks ago, but I've been putting off the rest because of the sheer volume of pictures.  In the end I decided to do a different spread for each portion of the family.  When I print the books, Bran's family will get the Gager spread...

...my mom's family will get the Wright spread...

...and my dad will get the Buckner spread.

   My book will have all 3.  If I ever get around to printing one for myself, anyway.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Elora's Dress

Faded Daydreams action from thecoffeeshopblog
My mom gave me some gingham fabric back when I was pregnant with Elora, with the intention that I should use it to make things for her or for the nursery.  I never did anything with it, though, and I've been toying around with ideas for it lately.  So, I went a little crazy yesterday, and turned my computer desk into a sewing station.  It made me nuts not to have my computer set up, but I so enjoyed the sewing I did, that it didn't matter.

Faded Daydreams action from thecoffeeshopblog

I decided to make a little another little smocked dress for Elora.  She never really got to wear the ones I made last year, but they'll work for Kaylie this year.  Kaylie is a lot bigger than Elora was at 3 months, and while she isn't nearly as big as Elora was at 15 months, she's big enough that the dresses look ok on her. (I'll photograph the dresses side-by-side later, for comparison.)  I have three more gingham fabrics to play with, and lots of elastic thread, so I think I'll be making more of these...for both the girls.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Thanks for your comments, everyone! I used random.org to randomly choose my winner: 

Blogger Rogue Woman said...
Long necklaces work so well for me and
I really think that they are more in style 
right now. Congrats at getting your shop 

Congratulations to Rogue Woman!! Please contact me with your shipping information, and I will get this in the mail sometime this week.  And since pretty much everyone voted for "long necklaces" I'll even lengthen it for you!!  (If I don't hear from you by next Saturday, I'll select a new winner.)

These are a few more of the things I have available in the shop, and I'll have more up soon!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grand Opening Give-Away!

All Wound Up has finally opened its doors on Etsy!  So far, I have only a few things listed, but I will be adding many more over the next week or so.  To celebrate the grand opening, I'm giving away this little beauty to one lucky reader!  

 It's a fun, simple 15mm pearl drop pendant on a 16" antiqued brass chain, with a matching lobster claw clasp.  To enter, just leave me a comment on this post, telling me what necklace length you prefer to wear: Do you like short, choker style necklaces? Mid-length necklaces that fall between the collar bone and the bust line?  Or long necklaces that fall below the bust line?  You have until noon on June 7 June 10 to enter!  I will choose a winner at random that afternoon.  Good luck, and remember---go check out the shop!!