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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Learning to Knit

My first "real" attempt; I'm not counting my  initial learning bits.
 Rebekah and I took a Beginning Knitting class this past month, and along with the other two ladies in that class, we've decided to take a knit-a-cowl class in August.  Knitting is one of the few skills my grandmother couldn't teach me as a child, so I'm kind of excited to be learning it now.  Even more exciting is that Brandon is staying home with the girls during these classes, so I'm getting the opportunity to get out of the house and spend some time with other adults.


Kelly's Korner said...

Grown up time is always fun! You'll be great at knitting. Can't wait to see your future creations!

Corinnea said...

Fun! Good for you. I know you'll do well. I am pretty stuck on washcloths which I must photograph soon.....

Jessica said...

I really want to knit... wish my aunt lived closer she started teaching me when she visited last year but I really just have to many hobbies to keep it up!
Loved your header and new necklaces!