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Sunday, September 11, 2011

T-shirt Re-Do

 So many things to blog!!  I'll try to break it up, but I'll be posting a lot over the next few days.

I've been wanting to try sewing on knit for a long time, but I've been too chicken to do it.  I finally decided to cut my teeth on something that wouldn't matter if I fouled it up.  I found a pain green t-shirt at the Salvation Army (Tuesday is military discount day at the lone up the street, how cool is that?) for 50 cents, and snatched it up without even trying it on.  When I got it home, I decided to play with it.  I also had a shirt of Brandon's that he was going to throw away, because it had been ripped when a dog jumped up on him.

It sucks about Brandon's shirt, because it was one of his favorites, but I'm salvaging what I can from it.  Anyway, the green shirt was a little tight and I can't stand to have anything tight around my neck, so I started by cutting the bottom hem off of the grey shirt, and the neck out of the green shirt.  Then I stitched the already-hemmed-strip around the new, still-raw neckline. 

It turned out alright, and was definitely much better, but it was still tight around the arms so I played some more.  I cut one of the sleeves off, then folded the shirt in half and used the first side as a guide to cut the second.  I cut another strip from around the bottom of the grey shirt, and found that it was long enough to do both arm holes.  I folded it in half long-ways, and stitched it on the same way that I did the neck line.

It's so much more comfortable now, and is kind of cute too!  It doesn't quite lay right, either because the green shirt was stretched out to begin with, or because I goofed something when I was adding the grey trim.  I don't care.  I plan only to wear it to bed, or around the house with the girls, and it gave me the opportunity to get a feel for working with knits.  I'm calling it a successful endeavor.  :)


Kelly's Korner said...

Entering the world of knits! Welcome! I get a lot of stretching when I use the regular sewing machine. Just takes time. :)

Corinnea said...

Good start! One day I'll break down and buy a serger which makes it easier... just keep trying!

Adrienne said...

I'd love to have a serger...one day... How can you keep it from stretching on a regular machine?