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Monday, June 13, 2011

Elora's Dress

Faded Daydreams action from thecoffeeshopblog
My mom gave me some gingham fabric back when I was pregnant with Elora, with the intention that I should use it to make things for her or for the nursery.  I never did anything with it, though, and I've been toying around with ideas for it lately.  So, I went a little crazy yesterday, and turned my computer desk into a sewing station.  It made me nuts not to have my computer set up, but I so enjoyed the sewing I did, that it didn't matter.

Faded Daydreams action from thecoffeeshopblog

I decided to make a little another little smocked dress for Elora.  She never really got to wear the ones I made last year, but they'll work for Kaylie this year.  Kaylie is a lot bigger than Elora was at 3 months, and while she isn't nearly as big as Elora was at 15 months, she's big enough that the dresses look ok on her. (I'll photograph the dresses side-by-side later, for comparison.)  I have three more gingham fabrics to play with, and lots of elastic thread, so I think I'll be making more of these...for both the girls.


Jessica said...

SO CUTE! I love how high you made the neck line in the front!

Corinnea said...

This is so cute! I'm like Jess, I love how the front fits. Nice job!