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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Inspired by Corinnea

When I brought in my new stock the other day, I brought in a couple of earrings that I made from new chandelier findings that we just got into the store. I only did one tier, though, and Corinnea suggested that I should make some that were more dangly, because dangly is super awesome. So I did. I made them purple, of course, in honor of Corinnea. And if she decides she likes them, and has to have them, so much the better. ^_^

I guess I should do more posting of my crafts, but the jewelry is just so darn difficult to photograph. I don't have any neat ways to display it for the photos, and I don't want to post any bad pictures. Suggestions??


TheBlackForrist said...

oooh, these are purty! I LOVE the color =)

Jenny P. said...

very pretty!

Kelly's Korner said...

They are pretty! A good way to photograph... hmmm... you should go on Etsy and see how other people photograph earrings. I'm thinking something to dangle them from and inside a photobox. Jennifer made one out of a cardboard box and tissue paper, and she probably still has the link to the tutorial.