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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This is the stocking that I made for Brandon 5 years ago:

This is the stocking that I started for myself 5 years ago:

This is the stocking that I made for Elora on Sunday:

Now I'm back to working on mine. Among other things, none of which need to be done before I leave for the States on Friday. (Pictures of "other things" to follow later. Along with the recipe I promised Kelly.)

I'd like to draw your attention to my lovely box of DMC thread:

I bought the box and the DMC bobbins while I was still pregnant, and then forgot about them. I happened to see Jennifer's well organized DMC box the other day, and that combined with the need to use my DMC provided the necessary motivation to get mine organized. I'm happy with the results. Perhaps more embroidery will happen soon?


Jennifer said...

Really cute stockings Adrienne! Feels good to finish stuff. Especially stuff that didn't need much to finish it!
I am so glad I got those boxes and the cards to put the DMC on. So much better! Less messy and I can see what I own! I had EMily wind most of them. They're kind of uneven becasue she didn't graps up and down when winding! It made her so happy though to help me "sew" and i didn't have to do it:)

Mary A. said...

Nice job on the stockings, really really cute!

Kelly's Korner said...

The stockings are all really cool! Is that paper-pieced? I love those DMC boxes. I lost mine a few years ago when we moved the store... :(

Adie said...

Eh...the designs on the stockings for me and Brandon were printed on the fabric. I don't remember where I got it, I think my Mom might have found it for me at a thrift store. Anyway, I put them together with some batting and a liner fabric and then machine quilted some of the lines, and embroidered others. So, no, no paper piecing. I cheated. ^_^

corinnea said...

Cute stuff! It does feel good to finish things that you've have for awhile!

Have a fun trip!