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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finished Blanket

Remember this?

 Well, I finished it (finally!) and gave it to Elora for Christmas.

And now when I tuck her into bed, it's with her very own blankie,

 made just for her,

  by her mommy.

I hope that one day, she'll use it to wrap up her baby.  Or at least her baby dolls.  As to her quilt, I've ordered a frame for hand quilting, so I can't move forward with it until that gets here.  And then, I will be a lean, mean, quilting machine!

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TheBlackForrist said...

looks super soft, nice job. the pic on Xmas is so dear!

corinnea said...

Very sweet! She will love it more when she is grown!

insanely crafty said...

Very cool! Im sure many baby dolls will get wrapped up in it!

mssiob said...

And to think that I was there when you finished it! Love you

KD Designs said...

Looks cute! I have a frame for hand quilting. You shoulda asked!

Adrienne said...

Thanks ladies! Kelly, can I borrow your until mine gets here? I'm still glad I got one, it wasn't that expensive and now I'll have one if I ever decide to do this again.

Rachel C Morgan said...

The colors you picked for the blanket are so pretty! Good job :-)