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Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am going crazy without a camera!!  I hate not being able to take pictures.  For you guys, it means that you will be seeing a lot of digi stuff until I get my new one.  Maybe I'll go back and post some Christmas pictures??  Anyway, I got to playing around with making blinkies in PSE7 last night.  I started out kind of simple.  This one has only 4 layers:


And then I went a little crazy.  This one has 60 layers:

And I did this one this morning:

I think it's about 10 layers.  For some reason Blogger sped up the timing on this last one. It's right in my Photobucket, but I can't get it to post at the right speed here.  You get the idea, anyway.


corinnea said...

Those are awesome!

KD Designs said...

Totally fun! Love em!

Jennifer said...

pretty cool adrienne!

lizy said...

You have really become a true digi girl!!! Love all your new stuff :)

Adrienne said...

Thanks guys. :) It's now displaying at the right speed. I guess it works after all.