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Friday, March 19, 2010

New Logo

The lovely and talented Jessica graciously agreed to work with me to create a custom logo for my Etsy shop,  tags, business cards, etc.  She was infinitely patient with me through the design process, especially since I wasn't really sure what I wanted.   I only had a vague idea that it should include some sort of Celtic knot, which turned out to be appropriate since I settled on the name All Wound Up and Celtic knots are all wound up.  I also knew that I wanted something that would be uniquely mine, but that is frustratingly vague.  We kicked around several designs, and in the end, she presented me with this bit of genius:

Is it not just perfect?  It is, I promise you.   I'm in love with it.  Does the pendant in the middle look familiar?  It should.  She pulled it from this:

Such a clever idea, and it turned out so cool.  Thank you, Jessica.  ^_^

 I've already started playing with the design for my Etsy header, and business cards and such.  Here's a mock-up of what I have so far, for the header:

I will definitely be adding color, I just haven't decided how yet.  That was basically just the product of a brainstorming session for Jessica, and I just went back and added the finished logo. 


TheBlackForrist said...

the logo is great! it fits with your title perfectly! Good job Jessica! AND you've got some stellar pics of Elora!

Mary H. said...

Well, I'm sure the Logo will probably have some green in it. ;) But it looks cool!
So happy for Elora! I can't wait to see her walking around sometime!

KD Designs said...

That's a lot of cool stuff! I love the logo and Elora is so cute! I love the angle on that first pic!!! So adorable!

d-na said...

wow! that logo looks great and i noticed the bead design on ur url address, cool! i can't believe how big ur little one is getting and how much she looks like brandon!

lizy said...

The logo looks amazing, Jess did a great job!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy for Elora, She is a big girl now ;)

insanely crafty said...

Im so glad you like it!
And thanks everyone else for liking it!
I cannot believe your daughter is old enough to walk... ridiculous!

corinnea said...

Hey! I commented! I hate when that happens. The logo is fun! Can't wait to see you use it on your stuff!
Elora is SO cute! Happy B day to here tomorrow!

Kelly said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! Happy 1 year to her!