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Friday, April 23, 2010

Peguy's Maternity Photos

Peguy loved my maternity photos, but my photographer isn't here any more (We miss you Leslie!!) and she couldn't find anyone local who would do it at a reasonable price.  So, I offered to give it a try.  I figured it would be good practice for me, and it would save her some major mulah.  She agreed with me.  Here is a sampling of the results.

I had a lot of fun doing these, and it was a definite learning experience.   And, she is so happy with them that she wants me to do her infant photos when we get to Virginia!  I will have to explore this further...

Peguy and Neil, that you for being my guinea pigs!  I'm looking forward to Round 2 with baby Tyler.  :)


KD Designs said...

How fun for you guys! I love the one with their hands on her belly!

Mary H. said...

Cute! My faves are the couple pics. :)

corinnea said...

how fun!