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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!

This is a project that I've been working on now for a few weeks.  Or, more to the point, I haven't been working on it. So here is the sneak preview:

And these lovelies are soon going to find themselves made into purses.  When, exactly?  Oh, I have no idea.  But the ideas are there, rolling around in my head, and they will not give me peace until I bring them to fruition.

These last few days of sunshine have imbued me with new energy.  It's so much easier to get up in the morning when there is sunlight streaming in through my windows, rather than the insipid, watery light of an overcast sky.  Really, it's amazing how much better I feel.  (Brandon, bless his heart, told me that I have it backwards.  I don't feel better because it's sunny, it's sunny because I feel better.)  I've actually been getting up with Elora, rather than changing her, giving her milk and putting her back in her crib so that I can go and crawl back under the covers. I've been getting things done around the house, getting a head start on dinner, and taking her out to play.  

I got my first flowers from my little girl. She just kept bringing them to me yesterday!

All except the ones she tried to eat.

She's doing a lot more exploring now that she can get around on two feet.  I kept having to get up and bring her back to our blanket, and most of my pictures are of her walking away from me. 

I have a feeling that I am going to be seeing this side of her a lot more from now on.

We went outside again today, but I didn't bother with the blanket.  I just followed her around with the camera so she could explore to her heart's content.  I made the mistake of doing it without sunscreen, though, and since I was wearing a cami tank, I'm pretty sure that my back and shoulders are a bit burned.  We weren't out very long; hopefully it won't be too bad.  Those pictures are still in my camera,  so they'll be going in my next post.


Kelly's Korner said...

Those flowers are really cute! Can't wait to see the finished product!

And what a sweet girl! Bringing mama flowers! :)

corinnea said...

Ahhh she is so cute. I love the capture of her dropping the flowers in your hand! I think we are all feeling a bit better these days!

lizy said...

Elora is adorable with those glasses,tooo cute. Can't wait to see your finished products.

Jennifer said...

ohhh can't wait to see what you're making! and baby elora...squishy yummy cute!