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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Jewelry

My latest creations:

Turquoise, ceramic and glass wire wrapped necklace with "antique brass" wire and findings.  It's definitely not typical of my style, but I think I like it.

Also turquoise and antique brass wire wrapped.

8mm Swarovski crystal pearls in Rosaline, Peach, and Gray, with silver clasp.

6mm Swarovski crystal pearls in Brown, Copper, Gold, Antique Brass and Bronze, with adjustable gold clasp.  I'm wearing it at its shortest length.

6 and 10 mm Swarovski crystal pearls in Bordeaux, antique brass findings, wire wrapped.

Earrings to match.

And last but not least, a sneak peek at my latest bridal design.  This one features 6 and 8 mm Swarovski crystal pearls, with 4mm Swarovski Light Colorado Topaz bicone crystals.

Elora fell down and bumped her head while Brandon was trying to take pictures for me, so we got a few pictures of her too.  Sorry Rachel, not much to read in this one.  :)


corinnea said...

Lovely new stuff! I was there when Amanda saw her set and it's gorgeous. Then Kelly snatched the alternate earrings up! Your things have been doing well!!

Pretty Elora!

Adrienne said...

Oh yay! Thanks Kelly. I'm interested to see which ones Amanda picked, so Kelly, you have to wear yours tomorrow. Or, you know, you could just tell me. ^_^

Kelly's Korner said...

Hey thanks for ratting me out CORINNEA!!! Haha! Yes, I nabbed them! It was a little frightening I think to the onlookers. But they egged me on! They said they looked good on me! I still have to pay, so don't panic if you don't see your sale. I'll try to pick an outfit to wear the earrings! Ha! This stuff is PRETTY!!!!!! I'm going to go through the closet and see if I can match those red ones......

lizy said...

You have ventured out to new creations :) It has paid off, Beautiful...

KD Designs said...

Yep, and now those red ones belong to me too! Muahaha!

Jennifer said...

They are all so gorgeous! I love the new top two.

Mary H. said...

Poor Elora :(

Cute new jewelery! I have the gold and tan pearls! :) But I really like the pink ones too, as well as the topaz w/ swarovski.

Are these being sold at the shop also? I need to sop by, I haven't in a while!