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Sunday, March 10, 2013

5 Year Blogathon and Giveaway

Would you believe that it's been 5 years--five!--since I started sharing my crafty things here?  This blog started out as a way to share things with my family when we were living overseas, but look how it's changed!  Now it's a crafting blog only, and the family stuff has its own home elsewhere.  And it is not only my five year blogiversary, either.  I added crafting to my blog right around the same time that the other ladies at the arts and crafts shop (in Germany) started theirs, so it's been 5 years for all of us.  To celebrate, we're all doing giveaways, and you, my lucky readers, get to enter all of them!  

The give-away train begins today, March 10, and runs through March 16.  Winners will be announced on March 17 (which also happens to be St Patrick's Day).  Here are the rules for my giveaway:  To enter, you must answer this question:

What's your favorite St Patrick's Day tradition?

Post your answer in the comments by 10pm on March 16, and please make sure to include your name and e-mail address so that I can get in touch with you if you win.  (Only one entry per person, please.  Any duplicate entries will be skipped.)  I will randomly select a winner and post the results on the 17th.

Now, on to the prize!  I had a hard time choosing what to put up for grabs.  Remember my "hypothetical giveaway" question?  Totally not hypothetical.  Thanks to everyone who responded, I needed the ideas!   "Sparkly" and "earrings" sounded good to me, especially since I'd just gotten done making Robin's bridal set, so that's what I went with.  My winner will get to choose between two pairs of green cluster drop earrings.  Here is option #1:

And here is option #2:

The olive pair is a bit longer than the emerald pair, but not by much.  Total length is about an inch to an inch-and-a-half.  Both are a bit on the heavy side, because they're made with a lot of Swarovski crystals, but they're not heavy enough to be uncomfortable.

I love them both, and honestly, I kind of want to keep them for myself, but I promise, I won't.  :)  Anyway, I'm not sure where you started on this crazy train, but here are all of my fellow bloggers, just in case, just click the picture to hop over to their blogs:

and you are currently here, at The Green World!  You also ought to stop by my shop, to check out my spring sale, which also ends on St Patrick's Day.

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck!


pearlswirl said...

Hi Adrienne! Pretty earrings! I have to say, I really don't know any St. Patrick's Day traditions! :( There's no Irish in my family or anything so we never did it as a kid. My first experience with it was basically coming to university and everybody uses it as an excuse to get haaaaammered. So apart from that... Oh wait no we always used to pinch anybody that didn't wear green! Does that count?


Kelly's Korner said...

I don't have any traditions, but I do have a little shamrock pin from Laura caballero. I want to make the giant jar of skittles and candy coins for the kids! And if I had those green earrings I would totally wear them on st patty's day! (Although I would actually prefer the teal ones if I really won! Haha!)

Jennifer said...

I don't know any traditions except the ones everyone knows: pinching, wearing green, kissing if you're Irish and getting haaaaaammmered:) I love the earrings Adrienne. Sooo delicate and pretty.

Corinnea said...

My only tradition for St. Patrick's day is to ALWAYS for get to wear green. BTW I don't like to be pinched.....

Love your earrings especially #1.

It was GREAT seeing you on Friday!!

Jessica Parrish said...

You get to pinch people. Is there anything better than that! Aside from the get pukey drunk and pass out part that people seem to be excited about. I like the pain.

Jules Mayer said...

My favorite St. Patrick's Day tradition is the annual Sacramento St. Patrick's Day Parade. My husband is in the firefighter's honor guard which leads the firefighter contingency in the parade. He's also on the planning committee for the parade, so it's a relief to see it come to fruition after months of stress. After the parade we get together with the other firefighter families and celebrate at a local pub. We've been doing this since 2006, and I look forward to it every year.
Adrienne, I am Jennifer's sister. If I win, you can get my contact info from her. The earrings are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Kissing if your Irish and the pinching because I don't wear green just so I get pinched :) JennyBean

Jessica said...

I love corned beef! I've only had it once and it was delicious I keep meaning to make it every year and I always forget...
I love the earrings. The green ones are my favorite.

Robin said...

As a child my favorite tradition was going to school to see it covered in trails of glitter and footprints that ended at treats such as Lucky Charms. I also like the representation of Shamrock of the trinity.