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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Robin's Aprons

Now that she's married, Robin has been doing a bit more cooking.  And, now that she's doing more cooking, it occurred to her that an apron or two might come in handy.  This is where I come in.   She asked me to make two aprons (one to wear and one to wash) in greens and purples.  I already had the Emmeline Apron pattern in my stash and she liked it, so that's what we went with.  

All of the fabrics for this one came from JoAnn's, except for the green trim on side one, which came from my stash.  (I still have a ton of that green, and I really love that combination...I may need to do something else with it in the future...)

This time, everything is from JoAnn's except for the main fabric on the green side.  As you can see, the belt can be tied in the back, or wrapped around to the front.  The top straps can be tied around the neck as a halter, or crisscrossed over the back and tied to the belt.  I added a pocket to both sides of both aprons, as requested. 

Unfortunately, almost immediately after finishing these and moving on to my next project, I started having issues with the tension on my machine.  The bottom thread is so tight, and the top is so loose, that I can just slide the bottom thread right out.  I have no idea how it got that way, or how to fix it. I tried adjusting the tension both on the top and the bottom, with no discernible change.  Someone at work recommended that I try oiling the machine; I'll give that a try tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be back in business!!


Erin Pocock said...

aw! i love them! now i want one! :) haha. i really like the one that david made me but that one is really cute too!

Kelly's Korner said...

Oh fun! I was just thinking about this pattern yesterday and thinking I wanted one. Now I know I do! :)

Corinnea said...

Cute!! Well done!