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Sunday, February 8, 2009

In Honor of Valentine's Day

I was in a jewelry mood this morning: one red and one pink, in honor of Valentine's Day. I started this red and black crystal necklace days--maybe even weeks? yes, weeks--ago, and finally had the inspiration to finish it this morning.

I was a little sad, though. The black crystals are actually vintage Swarovski, and I've been hoarding them for years. I had a ton at one point, but now I'm down to only a few--just enough for one more necklace. So, I hope this piece goes to a good and deserving person who will appreciate it for the treasure that it is. Maybe as a Valentine's day gift?? :) Anyway, when I got this one finished, I found that I had not exhausted my well of inspiration, and so I created this:

I'm especially pleased with it, because wire wrapping is a little intimidating to me. Doing links, as I did for the red and black one, is one thing; wire wrapping a pendant like this one, complete with decorative spirals, is something else entirely and that "something else" usually scares me. But I did it, and I'm really happy with the results. Yay! Maybe I will have more courage for that sort of thing in the future.


corinnea said...

If you had not said you were intimidated one would never know! They are both very pretty and your wire wrapping is fantastic!!

mary said...

You never showed me the matching earings to that necklace, they're very pretty. Good Job!

Jenny P. said...

gorgeous! glad to see you photographing your stuff!

lifewiththemorgans said...

I really love the pink one! I have a necklace with a similar theme to it, except it's purple and silver.