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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Pink & Red

Four and a half necklaces, one pair of earrings, and one bracelet later, I have finally run out of steam. And actually, the only reason it's four-and-a-half and not five necklaces, is because I don't have the materials I need to finish that last necklace the way that I want to.

There are two necklaces here, a red one and a pink one. I was just playing with different ways to show them. I like this pink one...I'm having fun playing with freshwater pearls.

Necklace and matching bracelet in pale pink, with the last of the rose quartz I ordered for Mary's set and gold wire wrapping. I like the way the flash lit up the glass beads. I just hope I didn't make it too long...

More light pink, this time with the rest of the glass beads from the wire wrapped one, and the rest of the pearls from the tri-strand. I got a little crazy and put a magnetic clasp on this one.

And this is the one that isn't finished. It might look finished to you, but alas...it ends just beyond where the photo ends. As pretty as it is, I want to finish it right, and not just throw it together with something that I have on hand, but wouldn't look as good as what I envision. At least I got the earrings done, right?


Kelly's Korner said...

Nice! I really like the last one. Very cool!

corinnea said...

I love the red especially but they are all very pretty!

Mary said...

I love them all! Oh, and there is no such thing as too long =-)

Jenny P. said...

you're doing a great job photographing your new stuff! Everything is really pretty.