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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Garden Tuesday: A Baby Opossum

I've seen Corinnea over at Created Blissfully post about her garden for Garden Tuesday, and while I don't actually have a garden, I knew as soon as I saw our wee little visitor that I'd have to share:

My husband found this little guy along the side of our house a few weeks ago, when he was doing some yard work.  (He'd migrated from the side of the house to the fence by the time I got my camera out.)

It's a baby opossum and while I'm not too impressed with the adults, he was pretty stinking cute. His body was only about 4 inches long, and we could tell from the way he was moving that he wasn't very old at all.

    But, I did a bit of checking online, and he was apparently old enough to be on his own so we brought the girls out so they could see him, snapped some pictures, and let him go on his merry way without interfering.

If you'd like to see more gardens, just click the big butterfly button at the top of my post, and make sure to cruise on over to Created Blissfully to check out their blog, as well!


Corinnea said...

He is cute! That's one animal I haven't run across up close yet...

Sumiyya Abdul-Rasheed said...

Ooh, he's cute!