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Thursday, August 15, 2013

USN Paper Dolls

I just made a whole slew of paper dolls based on the uniforms of the US Navy.  Don't ask me why, but I did and it was fun.  

I started out with this generic, cookie-cutter shape, and added in the uniform details using the line and shape drawing functions in PSE7.  This one is supposed to be the blue camo uniform, or the Navy Working Uniform, as it's technically called.  

I actually did all 5 uniforms, the first 2 being the Blues and Whites, respectively, followed by the Navy Service Uniform, the aforementioned NWUs, and a PT uniform:

And then I added a bit more detail and colored them in.

Super cute, right?  It's a little ridiculous how much fun I had with these.  And how many variations I made...I also have uniforms for officers and women.  :)

PS:  Does anyone else want gingerbread cookies now??


Erin Pocock said...

these are so cute!

Kelly's Korner said...

Cool idea and you did a good job! Are you using them in digi scrapping?

Corinnea said...

Cute! PSis still a mystery to me...

Deny Chirila said...

I think these ideas are terrible.
You forgot to add a face and the costumes aren't useful for a girl . I can do a million times better than that.

Adrienne said...

Deny Chirila: These were made for a very specific purpose for my husband, and had to meet very specific criteria. For example, I didn't 'forget' faces, but purposely omitted them. I made the uniforms as accurate as possible, and for the most part, the women's uniforms are identical to the men's. I did make a separate set for the women, to account for the few small differences, as it clearly states in the original post, but since they are so similar to the men's, I did not share them. If you can "do better", then by all means, please do.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these! So cute and would be great to use as a military version of Flat Stanley. Paste your Sailor's face in and he can still be in day to day pics with the family even if he is deployed! (And it sounds like someone is jealous of your ideas and abilities if they're here knocking your creativity instead of doing their own thing)